Emily Baker

“Let your health be your wealth”

Welcome!  I am Emily Baker, based in Ludlow, Shropshire. An aromatherapist, reflexologist, spiritual medium, and psychic artist. Also the creator of Perceptionary Cards used for psychic readings and personal development.


roses for aromatherapy essential oils used for treatments in Ludlow Shropshire


I love the alchemy of Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils are blended to work with your needs for your massage treatment.  Therefore each treatment session is different, as it may not always be the same blend of oils. 
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Reflexology treatments on hands and feet in Shropshire


Reflexology differs from a massage because I work on specific points, not on muscles and is a wonderful treatment to try as a great introduction to complementary therapies. 

I can work on either your hands or your feet helping you to relax and reduce any anxiety and can aid with sleep. 

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glastonbury tor '09 a


As a working medium for over 15 years in churches, centres, fundraising and specials events throughout the Midlands, I have developed into a psychic artist linking portraits of loved ones in spirit to ones here.

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Perceptionary cards for psychic development

Perceptionary Cards

These perception cards sell worldwide.  All the artwork has been created by myself. 

These cards will enable you to work on your psychic abilities.  These bright colours also work particularly well for children with special needs working as colour therapy. 

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