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Development is to find your own feet in life as well as the after life. I have been working as a platform medium since 2002 throughout the East Midlands area of the UK. I have always been interested in what happens to us once we die, what are ghosts, spirits, why do things move seemly on their own accord and why do I know things either about people that I have never met or about areas I have never been to. It was after my fathers passing that I went into a Spiritualist Church, asked a couple of questions and the next thing I found myself sitting in an open circle seeing things that no one else seemed to. But what was great I through going a few more times found that people understood me, understood that there are things that we can sense that other people may not be able to, and more to the point, what I saw around people and as I told them they too understood what I was talking about. I of course did not have a clue to begin with and through sitting in development groups I understood that that was not my role to understand, mine is just to give, to give what I get. The more I think about it the more I get it all wrong.

If I can give any bit of advise and that is listen and follow your gut. We all have the answers we just don’t want to hear the answers for they may not be the ones that we want.

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