What is Psychic Art?


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Psychic Art is a part of mediumship which is considered to be a physical phenomenon.  It is where the spirit takes over the medium to produce drawings (as shown above), or it can also be in the form of writings and materialization.  As each Medium works differently, I work by giving a message at the same time as doing the drawing.  I am therefore not aware of what the face looks like.  I will be highlighted with a feature of the face – may be an eye, and be made aware Clairsentiencing that the spirit had some issue to do with the eye.  Only at the end of the service or demonstration do I take note of the whole face normally when I am handing the picture over to the receiver of the message.

I have found that over the last year I have done more “Art with Spirit” services as I like to call them.   Some people call this “Psychic Art”, which I can not say is what I do.  I am not an artist who did art at school or even in my spare time, in fact, most of my time avoided drawing.  So I would have to say that it is spirit that take control of the drawing, as I am never sure who will come through nor what the drawing will look like, in fact, it is not until the end of the service where I am handing out the drawings that I get to see them for the first time and see that they look like a face. The reason for this is that I am standing to one side most of the time at an easel drawing and communicating with the spirit at the same time.

I am always pleased when I look at the drawings at the end and as people come to collect them (for I never like to keep them for these drawings do not belong to me but to those who I have been an instrument in giving a message to), they inform me that they look like the person who I was giving the message from, but also that they are not just a set of funny lines on the paper.  When I started, I found that at times (and this still happens) that more than one person will come through in the message and in the picture, so at times the face with be both male and female.  This happens less now, and now what I am finding is that when I start to write the date I am writing down a different one to that of the date of the evening, again more evidence that they are still working with me.

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