Glossary of Terms Used

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Here is a short glossary of some terms used by mediums

AURAS – An energy field that surrounds a person and can be seen, there are colours in this field which can also be seen or photographed using specialist cameras.
CHURCHES/CENTRES – The first Spiritualist church opened in 1853 in Keighley in Yorkshire. Spiritualism then spread throughout Britain with famous people at that time publicly endorsing the Spiritualist philosophy. As the movement grew people built their own places to gather. They were built and designed as churches, many with large organs and pews. Many do not have any religious symbols.
DEVELOPMENT – Many mediums sit in a development circle to gain awareness of the “the five Clair’s”. Some may progress onto the platform and some may continue to sit in development. These circles are often closed to the public and may be small in number. They take place in churches, centers and homes depending on the situation.
GUIDES – These are ones who will watch over you. They maybe a deceased loved one or one of great wisdom. These guides may change over the years.
MEDIUM – A person who has a connection to the world of Spirit. They do not contact the Spirit, as it is they who contacts the Medium and gives evidential proof of who they are in connection to the recipient of the message.
PSYCHIC – Is someone who will predict things that are about to happen or have already done so. They give details of the person pertaining to the material world.
PLATFORM – This is an area at the front where the Medium is usually sat (facing the audience or congregation) and will then go on to hold a service normally to give prays and a demonstration of mediumship.
SERVICES – There is a general format. A full service – a prayer (done by the medium), hymn, a reading, philosophy (done by the medium), hymn, a demonstration of mediumship (done by the medium), hymn, closing prayer (done by the medium). There is also just an evening of healing, an evening of mediumship, an open circle. Not all of these will have hymns but there is normally a prayer.
SPECIALS – These will normally take place on a Saturday evening. It will be a ticketed event such as physic art demonstration, or a supper.
SPIRIT – Where the physical person has deceased and their energy/soul/spirit has taken their transition to a higher/different level.
SPIRITUALISM – A philosophy, religion, study of and attainment of spiritual wisdom. An individual will have their own meaning of this, but is it also about developing a person’s beliefs and morals and ethics for themselves.
SUPPER – An evening were there are x amount of tables with approx. 6-8 people seated and then the same number of mediums. Each medium sits at a table and gives out messages, after 20-25 minutes the mediums then move in a clockwise direction to the next table. Mediums move about 3 times and then once messages are given then everyone is handed out some food.
· Clairvoyance – seeing mental pictures, colours, shape, and symbols.
· Clairaudience – hearing words, music, songs and accents can be distinguished.
· Clairsentience – having a strong sense of knowing, this is the most usual way of receiving communications and is often experienced with either of the other Clairs.
· Clairgustance – means that the medium is aware of tastes that are not physically present.
· Clairessence/Clairolfacrience – is being aware of smells that are not physically present.

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