Feedback from Psychic Art messages

his is the feedback from a reading I did in Nottingham in July 2016.  This feedback was given to me via Facebook.

Annette: Thank you so very much for my reading with the sketch you did. Oh wow amazed …thought it resembled my husband that just passed but it really didn’t hit me until day after..and dates you mentioned. Very significant to who that’s in photo. His father. Thank you so very much again Emily xx

  This was the feedback given to me from someone who came to the Helen Duncan Convention in Derby on the 22nd August 2015, via Facebook.

Linda: As promised photos of your wonderful spirit art and one of my partner who you brought through with evidential messages delivered with humour and catching the character so accurately ☺☺ xx

Emily: Thank you Linda  for this that is wonderful. I do feel very blessed that I can give something that is more tangible and evidential for you, to show you how spirit can and do work. But most importantly that they are never that far away from us. 

Linda: I know he is with me but it is lovely when it is validated and in such a wonderful way. Your humour is dry as is his so it was like a double act lol. Awesome x

Emily: Thank you x

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