Workshops in September 2017

Yes I am going to be holding some workshops at S.E.N.S.E, connected with the Perceptionary Cards.  I wanted to do something different to normal workshops in timings, hence why I am offering two different times on the day.  I know that at times I would like to go in the evening and not the day and visa versa.  Not a problem, if you would like to come to an evening one week and then day the next due to other commitments, still book and just let Di know which one and time you are attending.
If the thought of 2 hours that is not long, trust me I will be going through quite a lot, so bring notepads and pens.  This will be a workshop where you maybe stretched in your perceptions.  The last workshop is one where you will be working with a pack of Perceptionary Cards, so if you have already got a pack or not yet felt confident in using them this is the time.  They are for sale at S.E.N.S.E (where the workshops are held) or through this website.  
Each of these workshops are £10 each if you only would like to come to one, however if you book before the 1st September then for all of them it is £20!  If you would like to have more information please fill in the form below and I will get back to you.  Thank you.



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