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As a Spiritual Medium, I have been working on the platform since 2003, working in churches, centres as well as on a one to one basis. Then in 2010, graduated from Derby University as a Complementary Therapist working with Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

As a Complementary Therapist, I work with clients either by the Aromatherapy oils and massage or working the body through Reflexology points. With the sessions, I can see clients develop and the empowerment that they can attain.  If you have not come across either Aromatherapy or Reflexology then why not try a taster session.  

These aspects of my life roll over to everyday life, using the essential oils to enhance the day and Reflexology to note the changes in my body. Through mediumship, I gain a better understanding of myself and of those around me. As we always on the search of why are we here and for what purpose.

From this website you will be able to see that I enjoy working with mediumship that is always expanding, why not look at the label of Mediumship and Psychic Art.  Psychic Art is something that I enjoy doing very much and where I am able to give something physical back to the ones who have a reading.  When clicking into Mediumship outlined is a list of the services that I offer. If you would like to find out more or would like to ask me any questions why not drop me a line using the form below or call me.

Another expansion of my Mediumship is the Perceptionary Cards a set of 49 brightly coloured cards.  These cards came about due to having a bad reading.  I was told to take some cards and instead of being read from those cards, I was read out what was in the booklets that came with the cards.  Hence the idea of the Perceptionary Cards was born, a set of cards that gets you to use your intuition about colour and symbolism. 

Being creative there is some artwork that is also available, one-offs, that once you have them there are no more copies.  Trust me there have been some that I had wished to have done some prints of, but that was never the purpose.  You can see all that is for sale by clicking here.

There are times when I like to be creative, and yes I will have a go at things off the cuff.  One such thing was entering a photographic competition here in Ludlow.  All but one of the entries were taken using my smartphone, and I got to one of the winners.  I still have those pictures for sale, at a much-reduced price.  To see those framed pictures, click here

For more information please contact me and I will be happy to answer any queries.

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