Outline of Appointments

From July 2020 the way appointments and treatments are carried out will be different. Below is an outline of what booking an appointment as well as having a session will look like.

Please read these and respect them for yourself as well as for me.

  • When making an appointment I will be doing a risk assessment which will consist of about 6 questions.  This will take place for each treatment booked;
  • Any consultations* (please see bottom of the page for more information) will take place over the phone or via Zoom/Skype – this is so time spent face to face is reduced and reduces the potential of any transmissions.  I will then be emailing you the documents and when you return them I will take that you are happy with the details and this will cover me for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), relating to the safe storage and use of information, as well as your electronic signature;
  • If you have a mask please bring that with you. If you wish to bring along any blankets, towels, or pillows you can do so.  However, these are provided for you;
  • Please bring a water bottle with you, as I am not able to provide water or glasses for you;
  • The toilet cannot be used temporarily; *
  • I shall greet you at the door, allowing you in, I will be wearing a visor and mask;
  • Please use the hand sanitizer by the door when you enter;
  • There is a QR code placed on the wall, if you have a smart phone you can use this if you wish, as I would have all your details. If you are coming for a reading you will have to use the QR code.
  • If you have a mask or face shield please put it on.  If you don’t have a mask I can provide you with one. From the 8th August 2020, you will have to wear a face-covering unless you are exempt, which you will need to inform me of.
  • For all of your items of clothing, shoes, and bags I have provided you a basket to put them into;
  • I will on the day of your treatment carry out another risk assessment.  This along with the initial one made will be kept with your details, again this is for insurance and professional body requirements;
  • As social distancing is still enforced, this must be adhered to, I will therefore not be able to shake hands, or hug, either to greet you or to wish you well at the end.  This also means that if you wish to talk about anything this will be done at the governments set distance;
  • Massages; It has been advised that face and neck massage can be carried out I will be wearing a type 2 mask and face sheild;
  • Massages: please note that while you are lying on your back (supine) you will need to keep your mask on;
  • Massages: when lying on your front (prone) you now need to keep your mask on throughout the treatment;
  • Reflexology: masks will need to be worn throughout the session;
  • At the end of your session please ensure that you use the hand sanitizer which is provided for you;
  • Payments for treatments can be taken by card, if you wish to pay by cheque or cash ensure this is put in an envelope which can be handed over.
  • * If the toilet is needed, access is gained via going outside of the house and entering at the other door. The toilet is the door on your right as you enter.

Before and after each client I will be using hand sanitizer as well as washing my hands and forearms if carrying out a massage.

All points of contact in the room i.e. chairs, clothes basket, door handles, will be cleaned before and after a treatment.

The room will be well ventilated as well, during and afterwards. To find out about pricing click here

Please stay at home if your or any of your family members have symptoms of a cold, fever, or flu.  You will be expected to cancel your appointment or contact me to discuss this.  Until further notice these cancellations, regardless of whether they are timely will not be charged.

Thank you for taking your time to go through this information.  If you have any concerns or would like to discuss any of above please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you once again in the near future, and in the meantime keep safe and well.

This has been updated as from 29/09/2020

*Consultations – The initial one is in-depth in which I will be asking questions about medical history, through to asking about stresses in your life. It is important to say that I can only go by the information that you give me. This full consultation only needs to be completed once and will cover both treatments of Aromatherapy and Reflexology, and of course, all information is confidential. For follow up sessions and for any tailor-made blended oils, a short consultation will need to be conducted, to have feedback from the last session and to find out any issues arising currently. To go back to prices click here.