I have had a few remarks over the years, and I would like to share them with you.  This page will continue to be updated.

To start off with I would like to share a letter that I have had from someone who I have given two psychic art readings to a lady who came along to a demonstration or two at the start of 2017.

Testimonial Letter

The letter reads:


I would just like to say that I have received two readings by the psychic artist and both readings were accurate and the two drawings were amazing.  I could recognise my maternal Grandmother by her eyes, her hairstyle and her mouth. 

The two drawings were done on separate occasions, but were identical they were truly as good as any photograph.

I thoroughly enjoyed the readings and the drawings which I was informed I could take home with me.

Kind Regards



This is from a woman who has never had a massage and came to me as she wanted a couple of things looking at.  The lady had an Aromatherapy Massage and here is her feedback.

I didn’t feel any discomfort after, just the feeling you get when you’ve been working hard in the garden.  Yesterday I found I could turn my neck at junctions much more easily, so felt in better control. It gave me a lovely, peaceful feeling too. So a big thank you and I will definitely have a massage again, without waiting for something to ache first! 

R,  from Ludlow, June 2018

Here is part of a text I got.

….really did thoroughly enjoy watching you last night and what a wonderful sense of humour to with…oozing with talents…could of watched for so much longer….

R, from Shropshire, October 2018

Here is a testimonial for a massage that I gave from B, in Shropshire 2020

I highly recommend a massage session with Emily
She immediately put me at ease and was super friendly and very knowledgeable about all the essential oils and their properties.
Using a combination of her knowledge, skills and intuitiveness regarding my health background and current needs she selected a wonderful blend of 3 oils for my massage.
It was super relaxing, rejuvenating and really enjoyable. and I slept well and deeply for the first time in ages.
Thank you so much, Emily

Here is a testimonial for a set of massage treatments that were received by J, in Shropshire 2020

Emily Bakers aromatherapy massage treatments were superb. The initial consultation was about my current health and problems so that she could offer the correct essential oils to combine with my massage treatment. The follow-up massage treatments combined with varied essential oils really improved me, both psychologically and physically, leaving me overall relaxed and pampered. I would highly recommend both for health reasons and personal pampering.

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