Water and Mint

If you are like me, you want to drink more water, but find it dull and tasteless. Well I have found something that helps me and I hope will help you too. I like my water to be cold, in fact I like cold drinks nothing warm for me. I knew that I liked a slice of lemon in my water when I have been in pubs etc so I tried that home. Yes, I thought that works, and then I went to the dentist and he asked me what had I been up to. So I told him, for I thought I was doing the right then, but I could not have been more wrong. The longer I left the lemon in the water the more of it’s acid was put into the water and rotting my enamel. So I changed lemon for mint. It is a very simple and easy tip and that is add a fresh spring of mint to your water. I did ask the dentist and he was ok with this little idea of mine.

Now the longer that you leave mint in the water the stronger the taste, and it may lose that freshness. I have suggested this idea to a client who like me does not like water, but on going home she tried it and now she has found that she is has increased her intake and is happy to drink water. Why not have a go, you don’t have to grow your own, why not try a little from a friend you know who has grown some or go to the supermarket and get fresh mint there.

Mint itself is used to freshen the breath but did you know that it also has qualities to help with the digestive system, that is if you are not feeling well such as morning sickness peppermint has been known to help in this area.

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