Lockdown Helpers

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I was asked during lockdown what oils to use during this time.  There is not an easy answer.  It depends on the situation and of course how you are feeling.  Here are some of the oils that I have been using and why.  Which will hopefully give you a little insight into the world of essential oils.

Frankincense is a resin-based oil, it comes from the gum of a tree, which is grown in the Middle East and North Africa.  It also grows in places that have seen many conflicts like Somalia, Ethiopia, as well as China and southern Arabia.  It is a tree now threatened with near extinction.

This aroma is very much related to religious and spiritual beliefs and rituals.  You only have to think of going to a Catholic church and incense is being burnt, that will be Frankincense.  Famously at Christmas time, it was one of the Wise Men’s gifts.

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Frankincense, if you have not come across it, has a light woody aroma, slightly citrusy and has a richness to it, but at the same time not being cloying as it is cool and dry.

This is an oil that will bring in clarity not only of the mind but of the lungs too, permitting you to breathe deeply and clearly allowing for relaxation. Once relaxed things that need to be done are done so much easier.  

For me, this is an oil that brings in so much clarity.  It works quietly in the background keeping me focused on what I am doing and what I have to do.  I use this oil a lot in a burner when writing essays and meeting deadlines. It works like a dream.  

Geranium.  This is not the same Geranium that you may have for your patio containers and hanging baskets. This is quite a common plant the flowers are small and pink in colour.  The leaves are quite firm and have a prickly texture to them when rubbing them you get the aroma of the oil.

Geranium essential oil is used instead of Rose in many cases, as Rose is one of the most expensive. I use it this way because as it reminds me of Rose, but one that I can afford to burn liberally.

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It is wonderful for skin conditions and for easing of the body’s aches and pains. Much like that of Frankincense, Geranium is a good one to use for relaxation, but this has much more sweetness about it in the aroma.  It is cool, but lingers a little bit more than Frankincense, as it has more floral tones and freshness yet warmth to it. 

The oi’s warmth brings in comfort to my heart.  The floral tones remind me of warm summer nights, much like the ones that we have had, but also of memories of times past with friends. 

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An oil that brings in a smile even on the dullest of days.  As Gabriel Mojay says in his book Aromatherapy for The Healing The Spirit  “The oil, therefore, helps us to reconnect us to our feeling – life. – to our emotional sensitivity…relaxed spontaneity…”  A lovely way to relax.

Staying with the floral tones, I love Ylang Ylang, an essential oil it smells like Jasmin only much denser (and lighter on the purse). For me, this oil is softer and gentler than that of Lavender.

Ylang Ylang, is a tropical tree, grown in places in Southeast Asia such as Madagascar and Comoro Islands.  It is the flowers that are used to gain essential oil. 

Ylang Ylang has traditionally been used in local medicine against malaria, typhus, and infections of the intestinal tract, it also has qualities that help with fevers. The oil has also been known for being great for the skin.

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Known for the ability to relax and uplift at the same time and therefore to help when feeling anxious, low in mood, and or with depression. Easing anxiety and calming the heart

I have put this oil on a tissue and put it into my mask to help me keep calm and to give a feeling of security.  I have to be aware of when doing this that it is just the one drop as it can be quiet heady.  Sometimes less is more, and that is true of this oil.   

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Other oils.  I have of course been relying on;

Lavender and yes, of course, it is known commonly for its aid for sleep, for its healing qualities, but it is also a great one for upliftment.  I have been using this one sparingly as not only can it be a relaxant but a stimulant as well.  I am respective of this oil.

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Palmarosa, is a grass that can grow up to 9 feet in height and is part of the of grasses Lemongrass and Citronella family.

Mostly used for skin conditions where it is dry and undernourished bringing back hydration.  On an emotional level, it brings security allowing to accept change easier.

Palmarosa, has a scent that is sweet but sharp, and it cuts through yet has a softness and a hint of rose in the background.  This oil reminds me of the Tamarind fruit in that it is sharp but sweet.

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In summary

As you can see I have used a variety of oils, and all for different reasons, using them together or just on their own.  I have put them in oil burners, when working, or have had them in creams that I have made for myself. 

As you can see I have used a variety of oils, and all for different rationale, using them together and just on their own.  I have put them in oil burners, when working, have had them in creams that I have made for myself.  

Each of the oils has a wonderful complexity to it which I may only be looking at one aspect of it, but that does not mean the other attributes are made any less.  It is my intention when using the oil at the time which will enhance the aspect that I am requiring from them.  

I love oils and all that they can do for us in so many ways.  I know that I can go to them as a point of resource of support and comfort for healing the mind and body.  Going back to the original question of what oils to use in lockdown, I hope that I have shown to you that it is not just one oil to use but a company of oils complimenting each other and myself on the psyche as well as the physical for that day.

If you would like to experience the wonders of essential oils, their benefits and aromas book a session with me.  Going through consultation will help narrow down which oils would be good for you.  You will be smelling them, stating what you like and dislike.  This in turn will be how you create your own unique blend for that session. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thoughts of the Day

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Below are links to some thoughts that I have had which do not fall under Aromatherapy, Reflexology nor Mediumship. Yet I feel that they are just as important. They are not long and may give you food for thought.

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It is external, not tangible, a mixture of sadness, joy, happiness, anger, selfishness. Life is a circle, we are born to die just as the trees, plants, and animals do, why then do we want to live forever?

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The meaning of Patience – the ability to wait or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. – Cambridge English Dictionary.  Oxford English Dictionary put it this way – Calm endurance under pain or weariness or provocation; perseverance.

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This may be a bit long but, I want to say something about social media and those who are single. Firstly being single is not easy at all;  that is even without any restrictions put upon us. 

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As some of you know I like to create things.  Well here is where you can get hold of some them and links to more!

Perceptionary Cards

These packs are bright and colourful.  I know that some of you have a set and thank you for purchasing them.  Just click here for your pack http://emilyjbaker.com/perceptionary-cards/

Original art for sale.  These are like the cards however once sold there are no copies, so you have a piece of art all of your own.  This is an example of a canvas that I have done.

25cm x 30cm

To see more click here http://emilyjbaker.com/mediumship/encaustic-art/encaustic-art/

Here are the framed photos from the Ludlow 7 Exhibition held in 2017.    Each of these photos is about A4 size.  If you would like to have exact measurements including the frame please contact me blow indicate which one you would like further information and I will be happy to reply.

Not sure what it was about, then click this link Ludlow 7 Exhibition.  These are not at exhibition prices.  Each of these are at £75 and I have included £10 for postage and packing as an extra total cost for each picture is £85.

The Sea Watchers

The Sea Watchers Size 39cm x 32cm


Sunset On The Horizon

Sunset On The Horizon Size 31.6cm x 39.3cm



Reflection Size 31.5cm x 53.3cm


Into The Woods

Into The Woods Size 40cm x 77cm


Still not sure what to get will have a look at this.

For Terms please click here Terms

Evening of Mediumship – Ludlow

Evening of Mediumship

This evening is being held at Parkway in Ludlow, on Sunday 18th February 2018.  This is the first type of event that Parkway has held.  Parkway is a little eatery near to the library.  It starts at 7.30pm and will last for about 2 hours in total.  This event has been sold out, so looks like it is going to be a great evening.


This was a great night and one I think everyone enjoyed.  There is a talk of me going back to do another evening later on in 2018, so keep an eye out if you missed out on this evening for the next.

What’s Going On?

Here I would like to let you know what is going on and what I have been up to.  I have put together the pages Events and Latest News to bring you this up to date clearer news. The first part of the page you will see posters for forthcoming events.  The latter will be about things I have completed.  For a full list of where you can find me please go the calendar page as I have added on church services.
If you would like further information then please contact me using the form below or you can call me.





Past Events

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Perceptionary Art for Sale

Perceptionary Art for Sale!

Here I am on a market stall in Ludlow – Made in Shropshire.  Selling not only my Perceptionary Cards, but original pieces of art, ranging from A5 in clip frames to larger than A4 canvases.

Here you can see me making artwork at the market stall.

I noted that there were many people who were interested in them so I thought that I would put them here.  I have put a small description of size and price next to them, if you would like to buy an item please contact me using the form below, or call me on 01584 529053 or 07771 621755.

Some of the art is in a clip frame, however, the canvases are not.  If you require the canvases to be framed then I can do this for you at an additional cost.


A6 card on white A5 card in a clip frame are £15.00 plus £5 for postage and packing, total cost £20.00:

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A5 card on A4 white card in a clip frame are £25.00 plus £5 for postage and packing, total cost £30.00:









Canvases are individually priced, the details of which will be listed under each canvas:

2020C/001Unframed canvas 20cm x 20cm

2020C/002 Unframed canvas 20cm x 20cm

2020DC/001 Unframed deep set canvas 20cm x 20cm

2020DC/002 Unframed deep set canvas 20cm x 20cm

A5C/001 Unframed canvas A5 size 14.8cm x 21cm

Framed Canvas 32.5cm x 24cm £45+£5 postage and packing

Framed Canvas 64cm x 53.7cm £110+£10 postage and packing

Please note;

  • The colours on the above images may differ from the artwork.
  • Not all of the canvases are framed, those that are, are stated so.
  • If you would like any item framed, please inform me and I will be happy to do this for you there will be an additional cost incurred.

Ludlow Fringe Festival

This is a new departure for me – being part of a Fringe Festival!  It might be local (Ludlow) but you know what it is still a Fringe Festival!  I wanted to do something different for perhaps you have seen me either at the local (Spiritualist) Church or Centre giving a demonstration of my Psychic Art, but this is a new venue and that something different that I have been looking for!  

I have found that my artwork has changed over the years and yes I have surprised myself too, below are some drawings I have done over the last year or so during my demonstrations.  

I would love you to come along to this evening, even if you are just wondering what is it all about and would love the support.  Who knows you may walk away with a message and a picture! 



Workshop 13th May 2017

Yes you are reading this right – a workshop.

I am really looking forward to this day.  As people are getting hold of some packs of cards, help is needed.  Not to worry help is here.  At Horninglow Spiritualist Church, on the 13th May 2017.
This day will be filled with working with colour; what does it mean to you, what do feel about a certain colour.  Then working with symbolism; what does an owl mean to you, if the owl is flying does that mean something or symbolise something to you?  There will be of course a chance to work with the cards!  And all of this for £15 for the day!
I don’t want to give too much away but I aim the day to be filled with laughs, and learning a new perspective to things.  The important thing to remember for this day and for using the cards, there is no wrong or right answers, and how you look and see in the cards may not be seen by others.  It is your perspective.
Now also on the day the packs of cards will be for sale, and YES, just on this day they will be at a special offer!  But you will have to be there on the day and attending the workshop to get the special offer!

I will be coming back to give you all an update to how the day has gone.
If you want to have more information or even go onto my mailing list why not drop me a line and you can do so on the form below.

Ludlow Lovelies

Ludlow Lovelies 


This was a networking event that anyone can come along to.  On this evening I did taster sessions of Reflexology, working on the hands or feet.  I understand that some people hate their feet or even to have them touched.  But Reflexology can also work through the hands in the same way it does with the feet.  There will be others too …….. giving a sports massage which is something that I do not do.  

I also showcased my Perceptionary Cards.  These are new to the market, exciting and colourful.  I have enjoyed making them, but I love to see how others see them.  Each time you look at a card there is always something new to see.

This was an exciting evening as well as being interesting to see all the business that are in this market town of ours – Ludlow.  This is the first time to my knowlege that The Square has held anything like this and I don’t believe that it will be the last either.  Who knows this idea could spread to other towns showing the diversity that is there, not just chain shops and coffee houses taking over everywhere.  


Ludlow 7 Exhibition



So How Did I Get Here?

One day I was looking through the local paper and I noticed a small article about a competition looking for local photographers and to enter.  They were looking for people who do not normally exhibit, who were local to Ludlow, for someone who had been taking photos for a while.  In fact they were looking for 7 people.  The idea being that there were 7 walls in the gallery and so each exhibitor would have a wall.  The selection process was that the 7 would be picked by a panel and randomly too.  So, my thought was OK, would I be silly in entering into this competition I better give them a call to check.  That is what I did, I gave the gallery a call and said you know I have never (the truth and honest way is the best) done anything like this, I don’t even know if my photos are worth a consideration, as I normally use my camera on my Sony xperion 3 phone as it is handy.

The reply I got was why not come to the gallery have a look around and I can chat to you about it.  There really isn’t all that much time left to enter though.  That is what I did.  In going to the gallery, and finding wonderful pictures, my thoughts were that I was kidding myself.  And yet there a part of me saying “yes, but you never know, if you don’t give it a try you just wont know, and if they say no is it going to kill me am I going to die?  NO.”  I showed Peter (gallery owner) a couple of images from my phone and he was not discouraging at all, in fact he was saying how I get hold of a form fill it in with one image and then send in another e-mail with a few more images.  I was not being turned away – he wanted me to enter, really could I be in with a chance?

So I went home filled in the form submitted about 6 photographs and then waited.  And waited, for the all important email telling me if I was in or not.  But I was in which was great news, and so daunting at the same time.  I now had to chose between 4 to 6 images these had to be framed and given the dimensions of the images too and then think how much do I want to sell them for.  What I had not accounted for being a total armature in this was the resolution of the image is not great.  This means that I could not do great big prints I could only go up to an A4 size anything bigger looked wrong.  Small was great but not when you had to take into account the wall space you had as well.

I went to the local printers and got the printing done as well as the framing although not much time was left for the framing.  It was done and now was the fact that I had to hang them.  None of the frames are the same size so I decided on an abstract way of hanging the prints.  Totally different to everyone else but that is OK as it reflected more about me and who I am.  The exhibition started on the 11th February 2017 and will run till the 11th March 2017, they are there for you to have a look at, please do.  I am overwhelmed that I got through but proud that I had a go and how far it got me.  

I say this to all out there, if you don’t have a go how do you know if you can’t do something or how far you will go?  Have a go, for me I knew the worst they could say was “no thank you not out kind of thing, thank you”.  Is that going to kill me – NO.  So why not have a go!

Here is what my set of photos looked like on the day