As some of you know I like to create things.  Well here is where you can get hold of some them and links to more!

Perceptionary Cards

These packs are bright and colourful.  I know that some of you have a set and thank you for purchasing them.  Just click here for your pack

Original art for sale.  These are like the cards however once sold there are no copies, so you have a piece of art all of your own.  This is an example of a canvas that I have done.

25cm x 30cm

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Here are the framed photos from the Ludlow 7 Exhibition held in 2017.    Each of these photos is about A4 size.  If you would like to have exact measurements including the frame please contact me blow indicate which one you would like further information and I will be happy to reply.

Not sure what it was about, then click this link Ludlow 7 Exhibition.  These are not at exhibition prices.  Each of these are at £75 and I have included £10 for postage and packing as an extra total cost for each picture is £85.

The Sea Watchers

The Sea Watchers Size 39cm x 32cm


Sunset On The Horizon

Sunset On The Horizon Size 31.6cm x 39.3cm



Reflection Size 31.5cm x 53.3cm


Into The Woods

Into The Woods Size 40cm x 77cm


Still not sure what to get will have a look at this.

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Perceptionary Art for Sale

Perceptionary Art for Sale!

Here I am on a market stall in Ludlow – Made in Shropshire.  Selling not only my Perceptionary Cards, but original pieces of art, ranging from A5 in clip frames to larger than A4 canvases.

Here you can see me making artwork at the market stall.

I noted that there were many people who were interested in them so I thought that I would put them here.  I have put a small description of size and price next to them, if you would like to buy an item please contact me using the form below, or call me on 01584 529053 or 07771 621755.

Some of the art is in a clip frame, however, the canvases are not.  If you require the canvases to be framed then I can do this for you at an additional cost.


A6 card on white A5 card in a clip frame are £15.00 plus £5 for postage and packing, total cost £20.00:

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A5 card on A4 white card in a clip frame are £25.00 plus £5 for postage and packing, total cost £30.00:









Canvases are individually priced, the details of which will be listed under each canvas:

2020C/001Unframed canvas 20cm x 20cm

2020C/002 Unframed canvas 20cm x 20cm

2020DC/001 Unframed deep set canvas 20cm x 20cm

2020DC/002 Unframed deep set canvas 20cm x 20cm

A5C/001 Unframed canvas A5 size 14.8cm x 21cm

Framed Canvas 32.5cm x 24cm £45+£5 postage and packing

Framed Canvas 64cm x 53.7cm £110+£10 postage and packing

Please note;

  • The colours on the above images may differ from the artwork.
  • Not all of the canvases are framed, those that are, are stated so.
  • If you would like any item framed, please inform me and I will be happy to do this for you there will be an additional cost incurred.

Workshop 13th May 2017

Yes you are reading this right – a workshop.

I am really looking forward to this day.  As people are getting hold of some packs of cards, help is needed.  Not to worry help is here.  At Horninglow Spiritualist Church, on the 13th May 2017.
This day will be filled with working with colour; what does it mean to you, what do feel about a certain colour.  Then working with symbolism; what does an owl mean to you, if the owl is flying does that mean something or symbolise something to you?  There will be of course a chance to work with the cards!  And all of this for £15 for the day!
I don’t want to give too much away but I aim the day to be filled with laughs, and learning a new perspective to things.  The important thing to remember for this day and for using the cards, there is no wrong or right answers, and how you look and see in the cards may not be seen by others.  It is your perspective.
Now also on the day the packs of cards will be for sale, and YES, just on this day they will be at a special offer!  But you will have to be there on the day and attending the workshop to get the special offer!

I will be coming back to give you all an update to how the day has gone.
If you want to have more information or even go onto my mailing list why not drop me a line and you can do so on the form below.



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Perceptionary Cards

Angel Cards, Tarot Cards these are not!  However, Perceptionary Cards are a great addition if you use Angel and Tarot Cards. They will push your personal development, advance your psychic readings and your perception of colour and symbolism.  All of these things combine to enhance your channelling and mediumistic skills. Providing a true asset to your own personal guidance and personal development.

These Cards are a popular seller with individual psychic card readers looking to expand their own personal awareness. They are also for the artistic minded, for therapists carrying out individual therapy sessions, for colour therapists, artists, and those who work with people with special needs.  I have also found that children are very much drawn to these cards as it brings out their imagination and storytelling skills.

Perceptionary cards for psychic development

I have used my creative art skills combined with my psychic abilities to create this unique set of Perceptionary Cards.  I have used encaustic wax as a medium to bring to life the colourful set of 49 cards which will enhance your own personal development and psychic readings either to yourself or to others. 

Develop at your own pace in your own unique way, not just by yourself but with others as well.

There is no right or wrong in perceiving the images or interpretations of colours, and shapes nor which way is the right way up.  

No doubt if you go away and come to look at the card again you will see something completely different.

cards for therapist mediums or personal development For psychic readings other than angel or tarot cards

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