Perceptionary Art and Encaustic Art


Perceptionary Art is what I call and otherwise known as encaustic art.  They are using the same medium which is wax which is melted.  The above picture is one that I did on canvas.  But I have also had a go on some card too, it has to be a special type of card though as to the reasons I am not sure if it is due to temperatures used and absorbancy.   I have been having a go with perceptionary art / encaustic art, so I thought that I would share with you some of the examples that I have done these you can find by clicking here.  I have to say that it is fun to do and very easy.

I call this Perceptionary Artwork as I have created a set of cards simply called Perceptionary Cards, but I also have originals that I like to create, and with these, I have had people come up to me telling me what they see in them.  Hence the word Perceptionary.  DSC_0366

If you are interested in having your own original artwork click on the above picture and this will take you to where there is some for sale.

If you would like to have a set of 49 cards all in a similar style why not get a pack of Perceptionary Cards?  For the cards please click on the image to get your own pack. 

Perceptionary Cards