As some of you know I like to create things.  Well here is where you can get hold of some them and links to more!

Perceptionary Cards

These packs are bright and colourful.  I know that some of you have a set and thank you for purchasing them.  Just click here for your pack

Original art for sale.  These are like the cards however once sold there are no copies, so you have a piece of art all of your own.  This is an example of a canvas that I have done.

25cm x 30cm

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Here are the framed photos from the Ludlow 7 Exhibition held in 2017.    Each of these photos is about A4 size.  If you would like to have exact measurements including the frame please contact me blow indicate which one you would like further information and I will be happy to reply.

Not sure what it was about, then click this link Ludlow 7 Exhibition.  These are not at exhibition prices. Each of these is at £30 and I have included £10 for postage and packing as an extra total cost for each picture is £40.

The Sea Watchers

The Sea Watchers Size 39cm x 32cm

Sunset On The Horizon Size 31.6cm x 39.3cm

Reflection Size 31.5cm x 53.3cm

Into The Woods Size 40cm x 77cm

Still not sure what to get will have a look at this.

A voucher which you can choose from an Aromatherapy or Reflexology Treatments, or what about a mediumship reading, either a 30 minute reading to an hour with or without psychic art.  Each voucher will come with a blank card for you to put in your own message, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, to just say I miss you…

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