February’s Open Circle

feb poster open c0001

This month is another chance to come to an Open Circle.  Last month I had great interest in it as many in the Ludlow area had never heard of this.  Well for me it was my starting point into the world of Mediumship.  It was set up in a Spiritualist Church and it ran every week.  Sadly this circle is no longer running at the church that I went to.  For me it was great to see how other people worked, what I liked and did not like, it gave me food for thought, and it allowed me to be with like minded people.  I didn’t have to have a whole message in fact when I started I often didn’t, all I would have are things like a pearl necklace, and I felt drawn to one area of the large room.  The most daunting thing was to stand up and say what I had for it all sounded so silly to me and each time (by the way I still am to this day) shocked that it makes complete sense to the person who I am giving the information to.  I kept going even when I was doing platform work the only reason I stopped going was that I moved away to here in Ludlow and no one runs one.  Hence why I feel that this is just such a valuable tool.

So if you are a working medium, or just starting out why not give this a go.  Keep your eyes out on my Facebook page as well as you may see when the next one is but of course I will be listing it here as well.  I look forward to seeing you at Ludlow Woman’s Centre, Church Street, Ludlow, at 7.30pm on Saturday 20th February 2016.  And only £2.00 on the door.