Perceptionary Cards

Angel Cards, Tarot Cards these are not!  However perceptionary Cards are a great addition if you use Angel and Tarot Cards. They will push your personal development, advance your psychic readings and your awareness of colour and symbolism.  All of these things combine to enhance your channelling and medium skills. Providing a true asset to your own personal guidance and personal development.

These cards have been a popular seller with individual psychic card readers looking to expand their own personal awareness. They are also for the artistic minded, for therapists carrying out individual therapy sessions, for colour therapists, artists, and those who work with people with special needs.  I have also found that children are very much drawn to these cards as it brings out their imagination and storytelling skills.

Perceptionary cards for psychic development

I have used my creative art skills combined with my psychic abilities to create this unique set of Perceptionary Cards.  I have used encaustic wax as a medium to bring to life the colourful set of 49 cards which will enhance your own personal development and psychic readings either to yourself or to others. 

Develop at your own pace in your own unique way, not just by yourself but with others as well.

There is no right or wrong in perceiving the images or interpretations of colours, and shapes nor which way is the right way up.  

No doubt if you go away and come to look at the card again you will see something completely different.

  For psychic readings other than angel or tarot cards cards for therapist mediums or personal development

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An Overview of Perceptionary Cards