Ludlow Fringe Festival

This is a new departure for me – being part of a Fringe Festival!  It might be local (Ludlow) but you know what it is still a Fringe Festival!  I wanted to do something different for perhaps you have seen me either at the local (Spiritualist) Church or Centre giving a demonstration of my Psychic Art, but this is a new venue and that something different that I have been looking for!  

I have found that my artwork has changed over the years and yes I have surprised myself too, below are some drawings I have done over the last year or so during my demonstrations.  

I would love you to come along to this evening, even if you are just wondering what is it all about and would love the support.  Who knows you may walk away with a message and a picture! 




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Here you will find some of the events that I have held over the past few years, not all are in Ludlow, Shropshire but most of them are.  I enjoy doing these events, and I am pleased to say that I have raised some money for Air Ambulance in the process.  So keep an eye out on Facebook and on here for I am always looking for something new to do.  If you want to have more information I do send out newsletters so if you would like to be on the mailing list, or would like further information about anything just fill in the form below.

A Fund Raising Event

I recently was asked if I would take part in a fund raising event to raise money for Air Ambulance and for Alzheimer Research UK.  Well before I knew it I had said yes.  So what had I said yes to, well quite simply to walk over broken glass!  Yes that is right walk over broken glass.

The event took place at The Bucknell Show in Shropshire.  We did have some training, and this involved going through all the safety stuff and again not sure how this happened but to show that walking over broken glass is not scary I ended up putting an arrow point to my throat and the other end to a block of wood, which was held by the trainer.  At this point I did think to myself “what are you doing?  Remember lunge forward with your neck and shoulders or you are dead”, lucky I did listen to myself for as I lunged forward the arrow snapped!

Now that I am still alive walking on glass should be simple.  And below is some pics of the walk.  Can I also say that the sound effects were wonderful and this film does not do it justice.  If you get a chance to do this have a go and enjoy it.


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Tea With Spirit 2016 – Update

Updated news on the event held on the 1st October 2016

The Tea with Spirit went well and we had a lovely turn out.  The event was on a small scale which was great and it meant everyone was able to see all of the mediums work.  There was of course lots of cake and sandwiches for everyone and then of course there was a raffle.  The money that was raised through the raffle and by kind donations went to the Air Ambulance Charity.  Below is the certificate that I got as well as a couple of pictures of the day.  Thank you for everyone who came along on the day and for your support.  We raised £52.00, so thank you once again.

dsc_0620Picture of the day 



Yes it is coming up to that time of the year.  This event has been very popular last year and even the Psychic Presentations were sold out.  The tea will be a chance for you to see three different mediums who will give messages and everyone on that the table should receive a message.  After the messages you will get cakes and sandwiches, as tea and coffee is available throughout.  Oh and yes it will be scones with cream and jam.  I will be also holding a raffle in aid of Air Ambulance and if you have a look at the other events you will see that we have raised over £100, so that is my aim again.

This event is at the Ludlow Woman’s Centre, on the 1st October 2016 starting at 2.30pm, and tickets are only £15.00.  So now is a good time to call and book.  This is a small venue so seating is limited, so book now call 07771 621755.  I look forward to seeing you there.  Please note tickets will not be available on the day and they are non refundable!


An Afternoon of Psychic Presentations

new poster psychi afertoon0001

This is a rare opportunity, and a great chance to be told the many different ways of “linking in to spirit”.  I am really excited, for this event is something I have not seen done before, and a great way for you to learn as well as get to see something that you may not get to see again for a long time.  Perhaps you are on the start of your awareness journey then this event is perfect for you.  I know that when I started I heard about these things but was not sure what psychometry or sand readings were, I just wish that there was this available for me then.

Again it is at the Ludlow’ Woman’s Centre, Church Street, SY8 1AP.  It is on the 19th March 2016 starting at 2.30pm.  There will be a raffle and this time it is in aid of Air Ambulance,  as well as tea, cake and sandwiches served at the end.  Tickets are £15.00.  

Please note Ludlow has a Park and Ride scheme situated at the Eco Park, and a round trip is only £1.20.  

Call 07771 621755 now for your tickets as seating is limited.