It is external, not tangible, a mixture of sadness, joy, happiness, anger, selfishness. Life is a circle, we are born to die just as the trees, plants, and animals do, why then do we want to live forever?

Each day brings in its own uncertainty and although we may think we know what is going to happen we do not. Sometimes the day happens as much as we thought it would do and then again not.

Do we run away from making our final plans? Thinking this is not for me but for others? It will never happen to me someone else but not me! Ah but it will, we are not designed to live forever.

We are designed to fall apart to go and become part of the earth, plants, animals and sky. It is that we do not like change, don’t like goodbyes? Or is it the fear of the unknown? Or could it be all of the above?

Is it the ones that are left behind that do not wish to let go and want the person to live forever And in doing so project fears onto the person who is dying. All sides have to accept and love death. To be able to let go, is it not wonderful for both sides?

Then the question is, has all that I need to say and do been completed comes to mind, are there things left behind things that need to be said and left unsaid? There have been times when as a medium I have heard one side or the other saying “I wish I had said….” “I wish I told them I loved them”, we assume so much take things and people for granted and only know of the loss when it is no longer there.

Accept that we in this physical form cannot last forever, no matter what science or willpower or tablets can do what then would we gleam to say to ourselves.

To live each day as it matters. To let those who matter to us know that we love them for who they are not what they can do for us. Some people will leave a large mark on the world such as setting up charities and foundations or sadly be known for killing others. For many that mark left behind maybe so much smaller but no less insignificant, a mark that of love, of deeds done, a memory, a teaching to others, perhaps you have inspired someone around you.

Each day we make a ripple we don’t always know who has been touched by the ripple but one has been made, and it could be as small as a smile, or a listening ear. We are all important in this form that we have here, but to understand that we have accept that we cannot always be here in this form. Acceptance and understanding can release us from not doing anything at all.

To make the point that we are all important if we look at the song Eleanor Rigby who had no one to come to the grave, no one was there. Yet a mark was left, her story, of those who are lonely, or out of the way, it is just their ripples are soft and gentle. The story goes that The Beatles came across the gravestone and a song was written from that. The ripple is now heard through the decades, we whose ripple it is may not see the outcome of what we make, but it is there still affecting those who are touched by it.

Don’t underestimate the power we all have to touch someone, you are still making a mark, the ripple is continuing, it is only the physical form that is no longer.

Say the I love yous to those who you can and say why you love them. Let the ones that have made a change in you or your life know how. Let the ones that have influenced you, know that they have and how. Why the how? It shows that ripples are being made and continue to ripple.

I say rejoice in the fact that a person has been in your life for a reason, you may not be able to tell them, but a change has been made to your life through them. Be thankful they have been there, what would it have been like if they were not?

For me the grief is always about the physical, the laugh is not heard again, words said never to be heard again, the hug, the hand being held, the late-night calls, the routine they gave us. Again we grief for our loss of the physical, and not to rejoice in the soul of what they offered to us or gave us, and that is the selfish part of grief.

We want, we want, we want…………….. Not you have, you have been given, you have been shown, you have been held, and you have been there, you have been loved.

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Psychic Presentation Update



Well what can I say.  It was an exciting afternoon, and yes it all went wonderfully well.  Sadly the medium who was going to do the sand readings could not make it but we soon worked around this.  So we had Dawn Larose our Ribbon reader, Keiron Laundy who did Psychometry, Neil Parton Flower reader, John Dyke who did Celtic Runes, (Rev) Pam Owen who talked about Encaustic Art, and of course Pat Collett who did Mediumship.  The room was buzzing and I was doing mini readings as well at the same time.  

Time soon went very quickly and before we knew it we were calling time.  I want to thank everyone who came along, and to those who donated prizes for the event and look at what we raised.  £152.00 all for Air Ambulance.  So thank you all once again, I am going to do my own evening of Psychic Art or some know it as Art with Spirit in July again at Ludlow’s Woman’s Centre, at 7pm.  Later on in the Autumn look out for another Tea event.  I look forward to seeing you at both of them.  Please do feel free to contact me as I love hearing from you.

Perceptionary Art and Encaustic Art


Perceptionary Art is what I call and otherwise known as encaustic art.  They are using the same medium which is wax which is melted.  The above picture is one that I did on canvas.  But I have also had a go on some card too, it has to be a special type of card though as to the reasons I am not sure if it is due to temperatures used and absorbancy.   I have been having a go with perceptionary art / encaustic art, so I thought that I would share with you some of the examples that I have done these you can find by clicking here.  I have to say that it is fun to do and very easy.

I call this Perceptionary Artwork as I have created a set of cards simply called Perceptionary Cards, but I also have originals that I like to create, and with these, I have had people come up to me telling me what they see in them.  Hence the word Perceptionary.  DSC_0366

If you are interested in having your own original artwork click on the above picture and this will take you to where there is some for sale.

If you would like to have a set of 49 cards all in a similar style why not get a pack of Perceptionary Cards?  For the cards please click on the image to get your own pack. 

Perceptionary Cards



Feedback from Psychic Art messages

his is the feedback from a reading I did in Nottingham in July 2016.  This feedback was given to me via Facebook.

Annette: Thank you so very much for my reading with the sketch you did. Oh wow amazed …thought it resembled my husband that just passed but it really didn’t hit me until day after..and dates you mentioned. Very significant to who that’s in photo. His father. Thank you so very much again Emily xx

  This was the feedback given to me from someone who came to the Helen Duncan Convention in Derby on the 22nd August 2015, via Facebook.

Linda: As promised photos of your wonderful spirit art and one of my partner who you brought through with evidential messages delivered with humour and catching the character so accurately ☺☺ xx

Emily: Thank you Linda  for this that is wonderful. I do feel very blessed that I can give something that is more tangible and evidential for you, to show you how spirit can and do work. But most importantly that they are never that far away from us. 

Linda: I know he is with me but it is lovely when it is validated and in such a wonderful way. Your humour is dry as is his so it was like a double act lol. Awesome x

Emily: Thank you x

Tea with Spirit 2015

seapera pic cream tea in ludlow



Update:  The Tea with Spirit went really well, and all the tickets were sold.  The cakes were make, as were the sandwiches and all went down well.  The raffle raised £70.00 I have put in a picture of the certificate they sent to me for raising the money.  So look out for the next Tea with SpiritCert from CCLG

Tea with Spirit

This event is will be on the 26th September 2015, at Ludlow’s Woman’s Centre, starting at 2.30pm.  Ticket prices are £12.50 each.

The event comprises of you sitting at a table (the table will seat up to 8), and a medium will come to join you.  After about 30 minutes the medium will then move on and another medium will come to your table.  This will happen once again, so at the end you would have seen 3 different mediums, and everyone on the table should receive a message.

Then there will be cakes, sandwiches as well as tea and coffee served to you.  There is also a raffle being held in support of a charity.

There are limited number of tickets available so get your tickets early.  Look forward to seeing you there

Please note that they are not refundable and this event is for entertainment purposes.

Glossary of Terms Used

challace well glastonbury '09

Here is a short glossary of some terms used by mediums

AURAS – An energy field that surrounds a person and can be seen, there are colours in this field which can also be seen or photographed using specialist cameras.
CHURCHES/CENTRES – The first Spiritualist church opened in 1853 in Keighley in Yorkshire. Spiritualism then spread throughout Britain with famous people at that time publicly endorsing the Spiritualist philosophy. As the movement grew people built their own places to gather. They were built and designed as churches, many with large organs and pews. Many do not have any religious symbols.
DEVELOPMENT – Many mediums sit in a development circle to gain awareness of the “the five Clair’s”. Some may progress onto the platform and some may continue to sit in development. These circles are often closed to the public and may be small in number. They take place in churches, centers and homes depending on the situation.
GUIDES – These are ones who will watch over you. They maybe a deceased loved one or one of great wisdom. These guides may change over the years.
MEDIUM – A person who has a connection to the world of Spirit. They do not contact the Spirit, as it is they who contacts the Medium and gives evidential proof of who they are in connection to the recipient of the message.
PSYCHIC – Is someone who will predict things that are about to happen or have already done so. They give details of the person pertaining to the material world.
PLATFORM – This is an area at the front where the Medium is usually sat (facing the audience or congregation) and will then go on to hold a service normally to give prays and a demonstration of mediumship.
SERVICES – There is a general format. A full service – a prayer (done by the medium), hymn, a reading, philosophy (done by the medium), hymn, a demonstration of mediumship (done by the medium), hymn, closing prayer (done by the medium). There is also just an evening of healing, an evening of mediumship, an open circle. Not all of these will have hymns but there is normally a prayer.
SPECIALS – These will normally take place on a Saturday evening. It will be a ticketed event such as physic art demonstration, or a supper.
SPIRIT – Where the physical person has deceased and their energy/soul/spirit has taken their transition to a higher/different level.
SPIRITUALISM – A philosophy, religion, study of and attainment of spiritual wisdom. An individual will have their own meaning of this, but is it also about developing a person’s beliefs and morals and ethics for themselves.
SUPPER – An evening were there are x amount of tables with approx. 6-8 people seated and then the same number of mediums. Each medium sits at a table and gives out messages, after 20-25 minutes the mediums then move in a clockwise direction to the next table. Mediums move about 3 times and then once messages are given then everyone is handed out some food.
· Clairvoyance – seeing mental pictures, colours, shape, and symbols.
· Clairaudience – hearing words, music, songs and accents can be distinguished.
· Clairsentience – having a strong sense of knowing, this is the most usual way of receiving communications and is often experienced with either of the other Clairs.
· Clairgustance – means that the medium is aware of tastes that are not physically present.
· Clairessence/Clairolfacrience – is being aware of smells that are not physically present.

What is Psychic Art?


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Psychic Art is a part of mediumship which is considered to be a physical phenomenon.  It is where the spirit takes over the medium to produce drawings (as shown above), or it can also be in the form of writings and materialization.  As each Medium works differently, I work by giving a message at the same time as doing the drawing.  I am therefore not aware of what the face looks like.  I will be highlighted with a feature of the face – may be an eye, and be made aware Clairsentiencing that the spirit had some issue to do with the eye.  Only at the end of the service or demonstration do I take note of the whole face normally when I am handing the picture over to the receiver of the message.

I have found that over the last year I have done more “Art with Spirit” services as I like to call them.   Some people call this “Psychic Art”, which I can not say is what I do.  I am not an artist who did art at school or even in my spare time, in fact, most of my time avoided drawing.  So I would have to say that it is spirit that take control of the drawing, as I am never sure who will come through nor what the drawing will look like, in fact, it is not until the end of the service where I am handing out the drawings that I get to see them for the first time and see that they look like a face. The reason for this is that I am standing to one side most of the time at an easel drawing and communicating with the spirit at the same time.

I am always pleased when I look at the drawings at the end and as people come to collect them (for I never like to keep them for these drawings do not belong to me but to those who I have been an instrument in giving a message to), they inform me that they look like the person who I was giving the message from, but also that they are not just a set of funny lines on the paper.  When I started, I found that at times (and this still happens) that more than one person will come through in the message and in the picture, so at times the face with be both male and female.  This happens less now, and now what I am finding is that when I start to write the date I am writing down a different one to that of the date of the evening, again more evidence that they are still working with me.