I do the following types of readings, either Mediumship or Psychic Art;
  • Private One to Ones 
  • Private Skype One to Ones
  • Group, maximum number of 8
  • Church/Center – services, suppers, and specials
Please note that for Psychic Art readings, there will be a little added on to cover art materials.  One to One readings are recorded and a CD is available at the time at no extra charge.



What’s Going On?

Here I would like to let you know what is going on and what I have been up to.  I have put together the pages Events and Latest News to bring you this up to date clearer news. The first part of the page you will see posters for forthcoming events.  The latter will be about things I have completed.  For a full list of where you can find me please go the calendar page as I have added on church services.
If you would like further information then please contact me using the form below or you can call me.





Past Events

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I have had a few remarks over the years, and I would like to share them with you.  This page will continue to be updated.

To start off with I would like to share a letter that I have had from someone to who I have given two psychic art readings to a lady who came along to a demonstration or two at the start of 2017.

Testimonial Letter

The letter reads:


I would just like to say that I have received two readings by the psychic artist and both readings were accurate and the two drawings were amazing.  I could recognise my maternal Grandmother by her eyes, her hairstyle and her mouth. 

The two drawings were done on separate occasions, but were identical they were truly as good as any photograph.

I thoroughly enjoyed the readings and the drawings which I was informed I could take home with me.

Kind Regards



This is from a woman who has never had a massage and came to me as she wanted a couple of things to look at.  The lady had an Aromatherapy Massage and here is her feedback.

I didn’t feel any discomfort after, just the feeling you get when you’ve been working hard in the garden.  Yesterday I found I could turn my neck at junctions much more easily, so felt in better control. It gave me a lovely, peaceful feeling too. So a big thank you and I will definitely have a massage again, without waiting for something to ache first! 

R,  from Ludlow, June 2018

Here is part of a text I got.

….really did thoroughly enjoy watching you last night and what a wonderful sense of humour to with…oozing with talents…could of watched for so much longer….

R, from Shropshire, October 2018

Here is a testimonial for a massage that I gave from B, in Shropshire 2020

I highly recommend a massage session with Emily
She immediately put me at ease and was super friendly and very knowledgeable about all the essential oils and their properties.
Using a combination of her knowledge, skills and intuitiveness regarding my health background and current needs she selected a wonderful blend of 3 oils for my massage.
It was super relaxing, rejuvenating and really enjoyable. and I slept well and deeply for the first time in ages.
Thank you so much, Emily

Here is a testimonial for a set of massage treatments that were received by J, in Shropshire 2020

Emily Bakers aromatherapy massage treatments were superb. The initial consultation was about my current health and problems so that she could offer the correct essential oils to combine with my massage treatment. The follow-up massage treatments combined with varied essential oils really improved me, both psychologically and physically, leaving me overall relaxed and pampered. I would highly recommend both for health reasons and personal pampering.

Do you want to leave me a message or testimonial?  It’s easy, just fill the form below and you will see it here.

Ludlow Fringe Festival

This is a new departure for me – being part of a Fringe Festival!  It might be local (Ludlow) but you know what it is still a Fringe Festival!  I wanted to do something different for perhaps you have seen me either at the local (Spiritualist) Church or Centre giving a demonstration of my Psychic Art, but this is a new venue and that something different that I have been looking for!  

I have found that my artwork has changed over the years and yes I have surprised myself too, below are some drawings I have done over the last year or so during my demonstrations.  

I would love you to come along to this evening, even if you are just wondering what is it all about and would love the support.  Who knows you may walk away with a message and a picture! 




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Here you will find some of the events that I have held over the past few years, not all are in Ludlow, Shropshire but most of them are.  I enjoy doing these events, and I am pleased to say that I have raised some money for Air Ambulance in the process.  So keep an eye out on Facebook and on here for I am always looking for something new to do.  If you want to have more information I do send out newsletters so if you would like to be on the mailing list, or would like further information about anything just fill in the form below.

Psychic Art In Action 2017


Psychic Art in Action!

If you have wondered while looking through my pages what Psychic Art or Art with Spirit, is about then this is your opportunity to see it.    Friday 17th February, at Dawley House, Dawley, Telford, TF4 2ES at 7.30pm I will doing a demonstration, where you maybe able to take see me draw and give messages at the same time.  This evening is also going to be filmed – now don’t worry if you don’t want to be filmed, please just let me know and so you can be edited out.  But for me this gives me the chance to see what you all get to see.  I don’t get the see the finished faces until I hand them over to you at the end of the demonstration.  Yes, you get to take them home if you get a message.  If you would like to get a ticket at £5 each or would like more information please fill in the form below or call 07771 621755.

Psychic Presentation Update



Well what can I say.  It was an exciting afternoon, and yes it all went wonderfully well.  Sadly the medium who was going to do the sand readings could not make it but we soon worked around this.  So we had Dawn Larose our Ribbon reader, Keiron Laundy who did Psychometry, Neil Parton Flower reader, John Dyke who did Celtic Runes, (Rev) Pam Owen who talked about Encaustic Art, and of course Pat Collett who did Mediumship.  The room was buzzing and I was doing mini readings as well at the same time.  

Time soon went very quickly and before we knew it we were calling time.  I want to thank everyone who came along, and to those who donated prizes for the event and look at what we raised.  £152.00 all for Air Ambulance.  So thank you all once again, I am going to do my own evening of Psychic Art or some know it as Art with Spirit in July again at Ludlow’s Woman’s Centre, at 7pm.  Later on in the Autumn look out for another Tea event.  I look forward to seeing you at both of them.  Please do feel free to contact me as I love hearing from you.

Feedback from Psychic Art messages

his is the feedback from a reading I did in Nottingham in July 2016.  This feedback was given to me via Facebook.

Annette: Thank you so very much for my reading with the sketch you did. Oh wow amazed …thought it resembled my husband that just passed but it really didn’t hit me until day after..and dates you mentioned. Very significant to who that’s in photo. His father. Thank you so very much again Emily xx

  This was the feedback given to me from someone who came to the Helen Duncan Convention in Derby on the 22nd August 2015, via Facebook.

Linda: As promised photos of your wonderful spirit art and one of my partner who you brought through with evidential messages delivered with humour and catching the character so accurately ☺☺ xx

Emily: Thank you Linda  for this that is wonderful. I do feel very blessed that I can give something that is more tangible and evidential for you, to show you how spirit can and do work. But most importantly that they are never that far away from us. 

Linda: I know he is with me but it is lovely when it is validated and in such a wonderful way. Your humour is dry as is his so it was like a double act lol. Awesome x

Emily: Thank you x

What is Psychic Art?


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Psychic Art is a part of mediumship which is considered to be a physical phenomenon.  It is where the spirit takes over the medium to produce drawings (as shown above), or it can also be in the form of writings and materialization.  As each Medium works differently, I work by giving a message at the same time as doing the drawing.  I am therefore not aware of what the face looks like.  I will be highlighted with a feature of the face – may be an eye, and be made aware Clairsentiencing that the spirit had some issue to do with the eye.  Only at the end of the service or demonstration do I take note of the whole face normally when I am handing the picture over to the receiver of the message.

I have found that over the last year I have done more “Art with Spirit” services as I like to call them.   Some people call this “Psychic Art”, which I can not say is what I do.  I am not an artist who did art at school or even in my spare time, in fact, most of my time avoided drawing.  So I would have to say that it is spirit that take control of the drawing, as I am never sure who will come through nor what the drawing will look like, in fact, it is not until the end of the service where I am handing out the drawings that I get to see them for the first time and see that they look like a face. The reason for this is that I am standing to one side most of the time at an easel drawing and communicating with the spirit at the same time.

I am always pleased when I look at the drawings at the end and as people come to collect them (for I never like to keep them for these drawings do not belong to me but to those who I have been an instrument in giving a message to), they inform me that they look like the person who I was giving the message from, but also that they are not just a set of funny lines on the paper.  When I started, I found that at times (and this still happens) that more than one person will come through in the message and in the picture, so at times the face with be both male and female.  This happens less now, and now what I am finding is that when I start to write the date I am writing down a different one to that of the date of the evening, again more evidence that they are still working with me.