Thoughts For The Day

Below are links to some thoughts that I have had which do not fall under Aromatherapy, Reflexology nor Mediumship. Yet I feel that they are just as important. They are not long and may give you food for thought.

It is external, not tangible, a mixture of sadness, joy, happiness, anger, selfishness. Life is a circle, we are born to die just as the trees, plants, and animals do, why then do we want to live forever?

The meaning of Patience – the ability to wait or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. – Cambridge English Dictionary.  Oxford English Dictionary put it this way – Calm endurance under pain or weariness or provocation; perseverance.

This may be a bit long but, I want to say something about social media and those who are single. Firstly being single is not easy at all;  that is even without any restrictions put upon us. 

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