A Fund Raising Event

I recently was asked if I would take part in a fund raising event to raise money for Air Ambulance and for Alzheimer Research UK.  Well before I knew it I had said yes.  So what had I said yes to, well quite simply to walk over broken glass!  Yes that is right walk over broken glass.

The event took place at The Bucknell Show in Shropshire.  We did have some training, and this involved going through all the safety stuff and again not sure how this happened but to show that walking over broken glass is not scary I ended up putting an arrow point to my throat and the other end to a block of wood, which was held by the trainer.  At this point I did think to myself “what are you doing?  Remember lunge forward with your neck and shoulders or you are dead”, lucky I did listen to myself for as I lunged forward the arrow snapped!

Now that I am still alive walking on glass should be simple.  And below is some pics of the walk.  Can I also say that the sound effects were wonderful and this film does not do it justice.  If you get a chance to do this have a go and enjoy it.

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